Parish Apostolates

Ballyclog Donaghenry

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society

The aim of the society is to promote vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life. We do this mainly through prayer and by the raising of funds. The first meeting of the Society in Coalisland took place in May 1987, convened by Very Rev. Mons. Liam McEntegart. Officers were elected to serve for 3 years. The president, Secretary and Treasurer were elected. Members and promoters were recruited.

Members meet monthly to pray and to keep informed of anything taking place within the wider Society. We attend the annual Congress, quarterly meetings within the Diocese and an annual Day of Prayer and annual pilgrimage to Knock. Funds are raised through our promoters and an annual Church collection. These are forwarded to the Central Council in Dublin and used to assist priests and religious in Ireland and elsewhere in the world.

PRESIDENT: Vera Hughes

SECRETARY: Margaret Wylie

TREASURER: Eamon Lyons

Apostolic Work

A meeting was held in Coalisland on January 16th 1944 for the purpose of establishing a branch of Apostolic work. This meeting was attended by Miss Margaret Colgan who was Diocesan President at the time. The meeting was chaired by parish priest V. Rev. J. Macken and Rev. C. McAvinchey C.C. and was attended by about fifty ladies. Miss Colgan outlined the history, aims and work of Apostolic Work and the Coalisland Branch of Apostolic Workers was inaugurated.  Meetings were originally held weekly in the old Primate Dixon Memorial Primary School but moved to a room in the Church of the Holy Family in 1984.

Today Coalisland Apostolic Work has six active members who meet weekly and make albs, chasubles, stoles and altar linens for the foreign missions. ThPresident is Mrs Gerard O’Hanlon and Treasurer is Mrs Ann Hanna. Our Spiritual Director is Rev. Paul Byrne P.P.

We also have an excellent support group who collect annual subscriptions from our 350 honorary members. In the past we organised fund raising events such as Sales of Work but presently we rely on annual subscriptions and donations from parishioners.
Apostolic Workers would welcome new willing, active workers and parishioners who would like to become honorary members.



Saint Vincent De Paul Society

The society of St. Vincent de Paul have two branches in the parish – Stewartstown and Coalisland.




And someone from the crowd answered him, “Teacher, I brought my son to you, for he has a spirit that makes him mute. And whenever it seizes him, it throws him down, and he foams and grinds his teeth and becomes rigid. So I asked your disciples to cast it out, and they were not able.”And he answered them, “O faithless generation, how long am I to be with you? How long am I to bear with you? Bring him to me.” And they brought the boy to him. And when the spirit saw him, immediately it convulsed the boy, and he fell on the ground and rolled about, foaming at the mouth. And Jesus asked his father, “How long has this been happening to him?” And he said, “From childhood. And it has often cast him into fire and into water, to destroy him. But if you can do anything, have compassion on us and help us.” And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” Immediately the father of the child cried out [a] and said, “I believe; help my unbelief!” And when Jesus saw that a crowd came running together, he rebuked the unclean spirit, saying to it, “You mute and deaf spirit, I command you, come out of him and never enter him again.” And after crying out and convulsing him terribly, it came out, and the boy was like a corpse, so that most of them said, “He is dead.” But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him up, and he arose.

Mark 9: 17 -27

Ballyclog Donaghenry