Ministers of the Word

word-of-the-lord-400x200Ministers of the Word:  The scripture readings are proclaimed by ministers of the Word at all parishes Masses during the week and also at the weekends.  This is an important ministry alongside the other ministries in the parish.  Being a Minister of the Word is not merely a matter of reading, but of bringing the Word of God to the hearts and minds of the worshipping community.



All ministers are asked to move to the Mass nearest to the pre-scheduled rota until the next meeting of the group when long term adjustments will be made.


See parish bulletin


Readers for January, May, September 

6.00 pm      Edel Skeffington

9.30 am     Patrick Linden, Katie Boyle

1.00p.m.       Sr Bernadette,

Readers for February, June, October

6.00 pm      Michael Carolan

8.00 am      Gerard O’Neill

10.00 am     Terri O’Neill, Dominic Halligan

12 noon       Vinny Rafferty

Readers for March, July, November

6.00 pm      Bernie Quinn

9.30 am    Shauna Carberry

1.00pm       Peter Devlin

Readers for April, August, December

6.00 pm      Stephen McHugh

9.30 am     Ann Hanna, Harry Lambert