Liturgy Team

Liturgy Team: The Catholic Church is fundamentally liturgical and sacramental in its public life of worship. The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains the liturgy as something that “the whole Christ”, Head and Body, celebrates. Our parish recognizes this and places great importance in the celebration of the liturgy. We strive for the full and active participation of all who gather to celebrate the Liturgy. The first and foremost responsibility of the Liturgy Team is to ensure the meaningful and proper celebration of the liturgy by coordinating and preparing the celebration of the Liturgies of the parish, especially the Mass.

The various responsibilities of our Liturgy Team are:

  1. Helping the priests and our community with all aspects of the Eucharistic Liturgy
  2. Preparing and training those involved in the Liturgical ministries
  3. Coordinating the Liturgical seasons
  4. Planning special Liturgical celebrations